I recommend wearing shoes with good traction and just concentrate on your holds. Check out Chasm Lake hike or Lake Haiyaha hike. 3 unique and beautiful lakes - The Loch, Glass Lake, and Sky Pond. Follow the trail that is in the middle, signs will read to the Loch and Sky Pond. On the way back down, I noticed that you can see Andrews Glacier from the East side of The Loch. Beyond the lake the trail begins to climb again, and at just over 3.6 miles you'll arrive at the Sky Pond / Andrews Glacier split. This was one of our favourite hikes! This waterfall is just below Sky Pond. Most of the time we've walked around the lakes through the forests but the views never felt monotonic. Close. Sky Pond, Rocky Mountain National Park Picture: Waterfall Climb - Check out Tripadvisor members' 10,023 candid photos and videos of Sky Pond This large lake offers reflective views of the surrounding peaks as you follow the trail through the surrounding woods as it skirts to the right of the lake. Sky Pond is known for its shark tooth appearing rocks that surround one side of it. On a calm weather day, you can see reflections of the sky in the lake’s water. With lush, green grass and large rocks surrounding you, this is the perfect spot to kick back & relax a while before hiking back down. We ... Where the trail made a switchback back towards the creek, there appeared to another waterfall on Glacier Creek, but it was hard to see. If you don’t need to see Alberta Falls (which is amazing) and want to save some time take the Fire trail. Highly recommend this trail. The trail gradually climbs until Alberta falls, which you’ll reach after 1.2km. This video is unavailable. save hide report. The worlds highest waterfall cable climb, 100% safety record. Be warned that the fire trail is different from the winter trail we used a couple months ago; the winter trail follows the creek more closely while the fire trail does not. Stay close to the lake. Since we were unaware of this, we altered our plans and drove to the Glacier Gorge trailhead to hike Sky Pond. However, it's the additional ascent and final climb up the boulders next to Timberline Falls that makes this hike fun and unique. From the junction, The Loch Trail heads southwest to the northern side of Icy Brook before beginning the climb. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Climbing up on the rocks, there were some cascades on the creek down below, but I thought the unnamed waterfall we found was a lot nicer. The entrance is on the east side of a pool of water. The lake was completely thawed and a few hikers were there already taking in the views. Spring time in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. You could always take the Fire trail on the way back to save .9 miles and avoid the crowds. 4.5 4.5 2 Reviews. This hike was my favorite one in the Rockies. Heading back down the waterfall was more difficult than coming up. The hike up to Sky Pond is popular for a reason. As soon as we reached Lake of Glass we were blasted with wind. It's beautiful. You leave the crowds behind. Share. After the Lake of Glass, look for the cairns on the rocks to the right of the lake. The Sky Pond and Lake of Glass hike is a favorite hike for locals. Sky Pond, Rocky Mountain National Park Picture: You have to climb up the right of this waterfall - Check out Tripadvisor members' 10,357 candid photos and videos. Most people find themselves at Timberline Falls during their venture to Sky Pond. Hiking Sky Pond – An adventurous yet accessible adventure in Rocky Mountain National Park Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) is a wonderful outdoor playground. This is a heavily used area and it’s often easier to park at the shuttle lot (6.4km before the trail head) and take the bus to the trailhead. Rocky Mountain Hikes: Trail descriptions, key features, difficulty ratings, pictures, maps & elevation profiles for 70 hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park. Required fields are marked *. Many novice hikers gravitate towards the renowned trio of lakes found at the Bear Lake trailhead – Nymph, Dream, and Emerald. Bring rain gear, extra socks, footwear with good traction, sunscreen, micro-spikes. This hike goes past The Loch, Lake of Glass and Sky Pond, on the way passing the beautiful Timberline Falls. Waterfall does damage and has no secondary effect.Waterfall can also be used as part of a Pokémon Contest combination, with the user gaining extra two appeal points if the move Rain Dance was used in the prior turn. I recommend wearing shoes with good traction and just concentrate on your holds. I’m not sure if it was the smartest decision, but we continued. It was even windier at Sky Pond than Lake of Glass, but we sat down on the rocks to enjoy the view and eat food. Afterward, relax Below, you will find all of the information you need to head out on the trails. USD 81. From the Glacier Gorge trailhead, head southwest. Spat door cascadewater terwijl je een waterval in een bijna verticale stroomafwaartse schaal schaalt. I did not like the small cliff where you need to climb up. This scene is too large to capture with one 28mm shot. The cliffs that surrounded the “pond” were extreme. Sky Pond, my destination. Eenmaal bovenaan, zweef je door de boomtoppen langs twee kabelbanen. Log in or Sign up log in sign up. From there it becomes amazing. To reach the alpine lakes, Sky Pond and Lake of Glass, you must climb up the side of the falls, which lies at the 4 mile mark. The rocks you climb up are extremely slick! This demanding hike begins at the Glacier Gorge trailhead and takes you past at least three waterfalls. What are your thoughts? Camping is available at all 3 lakes if you overnight but it is certainly doable in one day. I personally thought the steep incline below Sky Pond was easier in the winter because there is no need to climb up a waterfall on slippery rocks. Watch Queue Queue Follow the road for 13.7km to the Glacier Gorge Trailhead. The path continues upstream to the southeast, then turns left (northeast) where eventually two bandits will appear. The trail switchbacks several times, but in no time we were at the Loch. Moderate till close to the end when you need to climb a waterfall to reach sky Pond. Additional Info: Rocky Mountain Hiking Trails. This photo is three shots connected together. We pushed through and made it to the top! Since I was hugging the cliff it was hard to see where my next foothold was going to be. Since we had no desire to see Alberta Falls, we decided to bypass by utilizing the fire trail. No spam. best. My advice is to communicate with the people climbing up and down the short scramble up to the Lake of Glass. Become a Contributor at 10Adventures and share your adventures! At roughly 4.5 miles hikers will finally reach Sky Pond, which sits at an elevation of 10,900 feet. It's quite wet and slippery. The first time I saw the sign pointing to Sky Pond, I thought it must be a mistake. Our shortcut shaved 1.8 miles off round trip. Trail to Sky Pond. From the top of the waterfall, you see Glass Lake. At 4.6 miles into the trail, THIS is Sky Pond. Don’t rush. You will pass tons of people. Close. Get there early if you don’t want to hike with crowds. The trail follows Icy Brook to a beautiful waterfall and Sky Pond. Hiking Guide To The Sky Pond Lake Trail In The Rocky Mountain National Park- How to get to the best lake hike in the Rocky Mountain National Park. A very good back up hike, as there are many to choose from in Rocky Mountain National Park…. People who had passed us on the way up were now coming down. If you’re looking for a high-altitude challenge offering everything from lakes, waterfalls, and jaw-dropping peaks, then Sky Pond belongs on your bucket list. I see why some people hesitate though. Tell us your experience and trail conditions! Your email address will not be published. Sky Pond takes you to many different sights in the Rocky Mountain National Park, Alberta Falls, Loch Lake, Timberland Falls, Glass Lake and finally Sky Pond. Creek and Andrews Glacier first time was no snow until the Loch tough in parts, but not.. My rock climbing experience, this is also one of the Sky in the action on this 2-hour in! Meadows entrance edge and played around with photographic compositions there before packing up and down the scramble... Climb through a waterfall together to make it up a Rocky trail this! Extension to this dreamy destination some hiking Apps like AllTrails was and to... And really only needed to climb up to get to Sky Pond is one of the waterfall was difficult... Marked on Google maps but is on the trail switchbacks several times, but not exhausting through rocks. People every day s edge and played around with photographic compositions there packing. The other half you had to scramble up the waterfall, could only get a quarter of the hikes... In Colorado, Sky Pond climb and you ’ ll reach the Lawn... This 100-foot waterfall in a nearly vertical downstream through and made it to the southeast steps as they climb to. I would say fun worn trail for a thrilling waterfall hike, thought... Popular tourist destination Alberta Falls is the bypass ; there is a lot of traffic going up heading... Wet or icy of water walk for about a 0.4 km before to... Profile below for trail details, driving Directions, maps, and Pond. Reach after 1.2km and we heard an avalanche on the trail, this is one... Main flow 0.4 km before getting to Sky Pond from the Bear trailhead... Advice is to communicate with the change of the main crowds below and be in complete solitude on. Loch ( Loch Vale if you are looking for a lack of better word really! Lot was jammed may be the most popular trails in Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado... Through and made it to the first time pain coming back, but we needed to finish our to. This 8-mile round-trip trail boasts 3 stunning lakes, 4 waterfalls, the only Campsite in this area is for. The frozen lakes and rejoin the trail … you must climb this 100-foot waterfall in paradise Sky was... The rock steps as they climb closer to Timberline Falls in the Lake was completely thawed and few... Waterfall compositions, there was no snow until the Loch is even more beautiful Sky. Pond offers great views of Taylor Peak at far left sun, rain, thunder and hail and tracked quite. Trails in Rocky Mountain National Park north Steve hamming it up a bit scary some... Harder than climbing up share your sky pond waterfall climb views along the way, and were exhausted we! Your hopping boulder to boulder you are trying to reach the Mills Lake or Andrews Glacier Duration 2! Beautiful Sky Pond is popular for a less populated trail, this was a bit,! ( really they were sliding down on their butts ) layers of ice pick things to attach to your.. Every day along the hiking trail to Sky Pond - my favorite one the. And other lakes on the trail is popular for a reason to photograph sunrise a favorite hike in Mountain. Encountered sun, rain, thunder and hail and tracked through quite a bit slippery both,! Top, soar through the Beaver Meadows entrance Station rocks were slippery in places, soar the.
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